Sustainable products of ALPINA

ALPINA's primary goal is to support cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts in their activities with products for personal protection.

In order to ensure uncompromising safety in this regard, the current state of development requires the use of plastics. However, we are working tirelessly to design safety products that can be made from regenerative, natural or recycled raw materials.


Everyone needs a role model. And if you don't have one, you should create one. The IDOL is our role model, because never before have we developed a helmet with a lower CO2 impact. "Made in Germany", a hard shell based on vegetable oils and webbing and ventilation mechanism made of recycled plastic - obtained from old PET bottles and textile waste. The inlay is an eco-pad made from recycled yarn.

The IDOL is a lighthouse project that shows what is possible - and where the journey is headed. protecting planet. ALPINA works tirelessly to design safety products that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint and can be made from renewable, natural or recycled raw materials. In addition to cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts, we also want to protect our planet.


We have developed a new generation of protectors: PROLAN. What makes this protector special is that it uses wool, a naturally renewable raw material. ALPINA developers collaborated with the Bavarian wool producer lavalan, which is based near to the town of Dinkelsbühl, to create something unique: PROLAN™. This is wool that not only protects the wearer from the cold and from bad odours but which is also plastic-free. The sheep’s wool used in PROLAN™ has been processed so that its cushioning characteristics exceed those of conventional protectors. This has been tested and empirically proven during independent tests. Thanks to the pressed wool, this back protector complies with TÜV Norm 1621-2 Level 1 and provides reliable cushioning for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Moreover, ALPINA uses wool obtained exclusively from European sheep in order to avoid long transportation distances.


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