The brand: Heckel


The sole makes the shoe!

Heckel's special strength lies in the processing of rubber for groundbreaking sole technologies with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Safety shoes from Heckel prove themselves in steel works, on ships and in the mountains, on large construction sites, in trade and in logistics. They are non-slip, withstand extreme conditions and have an attractive design. Depending on the requirements, Heckel safety shoes protect the feet against injuries and chemicals, but also against heat, cold and wetness.Their soles are puncture-resistant, the tips reinforced with steel caps - yet the shoe remains flexible and comfortable to wear. The know-how comes from France.

Heckel was founded in 1870 in La Walk and initially manufactured football boots, motorcycle boots and ski boots. One hundred years later, the traditional family business specialized in safety shoes.

Heckel has belonged to the uvex safety group since 2001 and continues to be managed by it as an independent brand.

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