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laservision develops and manufactures laser safety eyewear at the cutting edge of technology, as well as accessories such as laser safety curtains and windows.

laservision is a 100% subsidiary of the uvex safety group and develops, produces and distributes innovative laser safety eyewear, filters and windows as well as large-area laser protection for a wide range of applications in the industry, medicine, research and safety sectors. With laservision USA we are successful in the American market, Canada and parts of Asia.

Based on manufacturer expertise, intensive research work and know-how transfer within the uvex Group, we aim to offer the best and most standard-compliant laser protection worldwide for all lasers. Together with close cooperation with high-performance suppliers, we ensure laservision's top technological level.

Being as close to our customers as possible is part of our brand values

For our customers and partners, this means: customized solutions and quick answers to technical questions. With our carefully selected and qualified sales partners, as well as field offices in Berlin, Hesse and Hamburg, we can ensure personal and prompt support at all times.

The protection of people is always in the first place: protecting people is our mission!

Laser radiation poses a special challenge for eye protection, because even a brief, accidental glance into the high-energy beam can lead to complete destruction of the retina and thus to blindness. With constantly new wavelengths, higher powers and shorter pulses, the demands on laser protection are also growing - for us it is a development task to which we have dedicated ourselves intensively for many years.

Our claim: we protect your eyes


E25 Modular Barrier System

The E25 modular, fully assembled laser protective folding wall system from laservision offers a flexible and quick way to shield laser radiation during maintenance and service work on powerful lasers. The partition can e.g. can also be set up as a room divider in laboratories or laser-safe partitioning around optical tables.


Laser safety glasses with F46 frame

The F46 eyewear is designed as highly functional goggle and, thanks to the Clipnetic system, offer a frame concept with "universal use". 


Product portfolio

Laser safety eyewear

Core and origin of the brand are laser safety eyewear with glass filters. 

Here, protecting people means the careful spectral testing, the bonding of various filter components with our own laminator and the frame-correct grinding of the glass filters - 100% Made in laservision with a repair guarantee of at least 10 years also particularly durable - sustainability Made in laservision. 

For laser safety eyewear made of plastic, we rely on the know-how and expertise of uvex and manufacture in one of the world's most modern production plants for eye protection products - Made in uvex.

laser safety eyewear

Laser safety windows

Laser safety windows are available for all laser wavelengths. Depending on the material used (glass, PMMA, PC), vertical integration with state-of-the-art processing methods such as glass composite manufacturing, waterjet cutting, CNC milling and automatic bonding allows us to manufacture with the highest quality and precision.

For particularly high laser powers or for unattended, automatic operation, laservision offers a patented active laser safety window. Made in laservision is a seal of quality that users can rely on.

laser safety windows

Large area laser protection

Large area laser protection is becoming increasingly important and our products from this sector are as diverse as the applications. With this in mind, protection, flexibility and quality are the benchmark for our award-winning modular barrier system E25 and its table-top system TTS - with that extra bit of functionality. With our family of modular laser safety curtains of various thicknesses, we protect your work area temporarily or permanently, on a rail system, frame or as a free-standing roll-up - standard-compliant and freely configurable, while qualified partners from our network take care of the fabrication and installation of our innovative vertical blinds and laser safety roller blinds.

large area laser protection

Medical laser protection

The applications of lasers in medicine are mainly based on the possibility of strong bundling and the high power density of the beam.  The variety of laser applications in medicine is growing fast, thus presenting laservision with the growing challenge of developing and supplying adequate laser protection. 

Since its foundation more than 35 years ago, laservision has therefore been adding to and optimizing its range of customized solutions for laser protection in the medical field at ever shorter intervals. These include protective eyewear for doctors and assistants as well as for use in veterinary practices. The program is supplemented by other innovative products from this area, such as autoclavable splash protection eyewear, cleanroom-compatible laser protection curtains and other large-area shields.

medical laser protection

Examples of the use of lasers in medicine:
  • Dental applications (caries treatment)
  • Surgical applications with or without endoscope (stone removal, hemostasis)
  • Dermatological treatments (lesions, scars)
  • Beauty (tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, hair removal)
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Ophthalmology (laser treatment of nearsightedness or farsightedness)

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