The brand: uvex sports

The ski goggles that don't fog up, the bike helmet that protects safely, a riding glove that keeps out wind, water and cold - that's what athletes want.


uvex develops first-class products for every conceivable application on the ski slope, on the bike and in equestrian sports. They support people who live their individuality in sports self-confidently and attach great importance to excellent quality - whether as professional or recreational athletes.

1100 top athletes stand for the advanced technology and high wearing comfort of uvex products. Our brand ambassadors include eventing rider Ingrid Klimke and ski racer Thomas Dressen.

Thomas Dreßen

To go to the limit in the alpine speed disciplines, I have to be able to trust my equipment blindly and feel safe. uvex gives me exactly that: high-tech products for maximum performance and safety.

As for top athletes, there is only one motto for uvex sports: "The winner's podium is our goal". That's why the development of new technologies and even better products is based not only on the athletes' experience, but also on the expertise of occupational safety.

Sport is the emotional component, the image bringer, both areas inspire each other.

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