FAQs for applicants

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We strive to complete the process as quickly as possible. However, the entire application process may take some time. We therefore ask you to be patient.

We would also ask you to inform us if you have meanwhile received a commitment from another company or have already signed a contract. As soon as we have made a decision, we will inform you immediately.

Are the vacancies up-to-date?

The vacancies on our website are up-to-date. As soon as a vacant position is filled, we remove it from the website.

What must I bear in mind if I want to apply?

Start by reading the job application very carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What qualifications are required? Do I have these qualifications?
  • What is it about the job description that particularly appeals to me? Why am I applying?
  • How can I show that I am the right person for the job?

Read your application once again carefully and check that you have not forgotten anything, that there are no spelling mistakes and it is addressed to the right person.

What documentation is required?

Please send all your application documentation to our human resources department in Fürth. Please make sure that your application includes the following:

  • Cover letter (make sure you include the job title, location, as well as the earliest date on which you could start and salary expectations. If stipulated in the job description, please provide details of your mobility or willingness to relocate)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Testimonials/certificates: school certificates, details of any internships completed, references from previous employers, etc. (you do not need to provide a reference from your current employer)
  • Any additional certificates (IT skills, language certificates, etc.)
Who is the person to contact?

Details of the person to contact are provided in the respective job description. If no details are provided or you are applying on a speculative basis, simply address your letter to “Dear Sir/Madam”.

If I wish to apply for two vacancies, do I need to send my documentation twice?

No. Simply state which jobs are of interest to you in your cover letter. We shall then check the application accordingly.

How should I send my application to uvex?

Please send your application via our online application portal. You can input your data into the form and upload your cover letter, curriculum vitae, a photo (if you wish) as well as all relevant testimonials and certificates.

What happens in the application process?

We shall try to deal with the process as quick as possible. However, the entire application process can take some time. This is why we ask you to be patient.

We also ask you to let us know, if you have been offered a job by another company in the meantime or have already signed a contract.

You shall hear from us as soon as we have made a decision.

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