uvex provides head-to-toe protection.
Every day.
Around the clock.
That is our mandate.
protecting people.

We are constantly reinventing ourselves.

As a medium-sized, family-owned company, we must assert our position in a competitive environment every single day. Innovative products and services are key to success, and the future of our brands is being safeguarded through innovative research and development activities as well as modern manufacturing in own plants.

uvex sports and uvex safety benefit from a mutual exchange of ideas and expertise. We are continually finding new solutions that fulfill the requirements of customers, specifically fostering the creativity of employees and working closely together with partner companies, associations and recognised research institutions.

Our objective is not to generate quick profits, but rather to achieve continuous, stable growth. It is only in this way that we can continue our success as a traditional, family-owned company in future. Our brands are based on the perfect balance of growth, return and risk.

A responsible attitude towards our business plays a key role in every decision. Day-to-day work at uvex is guided by the value system and mission statements, when dealing with employees, customers and suppliers, but also with regard to protecting the environment. Global, value-oriented growth is the key to the brand's international success.

GRI 102-11, 102-16

Unsere Vision

We aim to be the best in our sector

Our company's sound growth is based on exceptional innovation, the generation of added value for customers and clear brand values.

In the world of uvex, we want to be leaders in innovation, achieve worldwide value-oriented growth and obtain winner podium status in all our areas of activities and market sectors.

Value follows innovation!

Our Mission

protecting people

The protecting people philosophy is our mandate and our responsibility. To this end we develop, manufacture and distribute products and services for the protection of people at work, sport and leisure. 24/7/365.

Whether on the slopes or at work, uvex provides reliable protection in any situation. For this reason, the core mission of our company group is protecting people. This philosophy was outlined by Rainer and Michael Winter as far back as 1999. uvex intends to continue taking this duty very seriously in future and align its brands accordingly.

A strong brand needs a strong mission statement. The uvex group’s mandate is embodied by the protecting people philosophy, which at the same time unites the two divisions of sports and safety. The safety division benefits from the first-class sporting image of uvex sports, and conversely, products in the sports division are also regarded as particularly safe and innovative owing to the expertise of uvex safety.

protecting people influences our daily work, from product development to external communications. In addition, it conveys our self-image as a responsible company. protecting people and the environment through sustainable actions is the fundamental basis to ensure our continued business success in future.

Protection at work, during sports and leisure. For Employees, clients and end-users. Worldwide without compromises day by day. With all 9 brands.


Success can only be achieved by working together.

As is the case for a sporting team, companies need to have a strong sense of togetherness and a common direction to be successful long term – today and in the future.

To ensure that we all work as one, we are guided by our corporate values – responsible, entrepreneurial as well as challenging and supporting: these values convey our level of self-perception and guide behaviour in day-to-day working life, whether towards employees, customers or business partners.



We are challenging and supporting

Everyone takes responsibility – demanding tasks ensure development and growth is ongoing. All teams at uvex are supported through company-wide programmes and individual measures. Performance is regularly reviewed at all levels of the company.


We are entrepreneurial

Every single employee makes a contribution to success – entrepreneurial thinking and action are essential. The requirements of customers and the wellbeing of our company are a top priority. Opportunities and risks are carefully weighed up for any decisions.



We are responsible

People are at the heart of everything – protecting people is the mission and responsibility, both internally and externally. Our responsible action is oriented towards the benefit for customers, employees, brands and the success of the company.

Leadership values

To lead is to trust.

Whether a managing director, department head or team leader, three core values have been additionally defined for all management duties at uvex which aim to ensure employee satisfaction and drive the success of all brands on the market forward on a lasting basis.


Leadership values


Trusting and open communication is the foundation of our everyday work. Information is shared regularly and promptly to ensure maximum transparency. Team spirit defines relationships at work – trust and control are conscientiously weighed up.

Leadership values


Clear objectives are agreed to communicate professionally, both internally and to the outside world. We apply modern methods and tools to effectively and efficiently meet our targets. In order to strengthen the brands long term, the company has a culture of innovation and targeted transfer of knowledge.

Leadership values


An atmosphere of respect is maintained across all levels of hierarchy in the company. The individual personality of each employee is valued, and their personal achievements are recognised. The cooperative style of leadership is characterised by authenticity, honesty, fairness and reliability.

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