The management of the uvex group

The management of the uvex group consists of Michael Winter (Managing Partner) and Georg Höfler (CFO/COO).

Since 2004, they have formed the core of the family-owned company – a team that has proved its worth.

Our sub-groups feature their own management teams. Stefan Brück (CEO), Martin Leusmann (Managing Director Sales) and Stefan Wehner (CFO/COO) form the management of the uvex safety group. The uvex sports group is run by Patrick Hebling (CEO) & Patrick Angeletti (CFO/COO). Filtral is run by Ralf Pohl (CEO).

»Through our protecting people philosophy, we already started to consistently develop our appeal as an employer brand many years ago because the key to success is in our employees' hands.«

Michael Winter
Managing Partner

»­­If we live beyond our economic means, this will of course be detrimental to the generations that follow us. Our top goal is the long-term preservation of our independent family company, and we place particular value on not being dependent on banks.«

Georg Höfler

Management uvex safety group
Stefan Brück // CEO
Martin Leusmann // Managing Director Sales
Stefan Wehner // CFO/COO
Management uvex sports group
Patrick Hebling (CEO) & Patrick Angeletti (CFO/COO)
Management Filtral group
Ralph Pohl / CEO
Nele Grill di Pace / Management
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