The brand: HexArmor

Security is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


That is the credo of HexArmor. Ten years ago, the American company revolutionized the production of protective gloves. Its SuperFabric® material consists of small tiles that overlap and act like a shell. The result: outstanding cut and puncture resistance.

HexArmor's neon creepy gloves come with more features. An exo-skeleton dissipates shocks and reduces the pressure on fingers and hand bones by up to 80 percent. Pimples and grooves in the inner surfaces guarantee maximum mobility and reliable grip even when water or oil are on surfaces.

In addition to the well-known gloves, HexArmor also sells protective goggles and arm protection.

In 2016, the company from Grand Rapids, Michigan, entered into a strategic partnership with uvex. This is a win-win situation because it opens up HexArmor markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and offers uvex the opportunity to position itself in the USA.

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