We take responsibility: protecting people and the environment. 

Sustainable out of conviction

There are various motives for focusing on sustainability. However, it is crucial that this motivation is based on inner conviction. As a family-owned company, the uvex group is certain that companies will only achieve business success if they operate responsibly and in a sustainable way. Key principles have therefore been defined for protecting the environment, employees and customers in an environmental mission statement.

protecting people as a mission

In line with our protecting people mission statement, the uvex group offers innovative, high-quality personal protective equipment throughout the world for sports, leisure and in the workplace. This philosophy leads to the pledge of acting not only sustainably, but also with social and environmental responsibility. Our aim is to effectively balance economical, ecological and social commitments.

Gabriele Grau, shareholder, about responsibility:

Gabi Grau - Shareholder of the uvex group
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