The brand: uvex safety


uvex safety is the specialist for innovative products in occupational safety. Especially at work, people have to be protected from head to toe in order to maintain their health and performance.

uvex safety offers a complete range of products for this purpose. It ranges from hearing protection and breathing masks to protective goggles and helmets, hand and safety shoes and special workwear. Everything tailor-made! Thanks to its manufacturing expertise, uvex safety can guarantee occupational safety products of outstanding quality, perfect functionality and high wearing comfort. Shoes, clothing and glasses are so comfortable and fashionable that many users even wear them in their leisure time!

Nearly 80 percent of uvex safety's value added is generated in its own factories. In these production facilities, state-of-the-art technology, an immense wealth of experience and a passion for innovation flow into products.

Together with the uvex academy, the training institute for occupational safety, the users' awareness of the importance of occupational safety is increased.

uvex safety and uvex sports are an unbeatable team. uvex safety benefits from the image of sport and its victories. In return, uvex sports adopts technological innovations from occupational safety.


The uvex safety group comprises seven business segments and is thus one of the few companies in the occupational safety industry to offer a complete product range from head to toe - concentrating on target group-specific product solutions and systems:

  • SBU Head (head protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection)
  • SBU Eyewear (safety glasses)
  • SBU Occupational Health (prescription glasses, individual hearing protection)
  • SBU Gloves (protective gloves)
  • SBU Footwear (safety shoes)
  • SBU Workwear (professional and protective clothing, corporate fashion)
  • SBU Laser protection (laser safety goggles and curtains and windows)
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