protecting planet by keeping the triangle of forces "growth - return - risk" in balance

GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

For the uvex group, economic sustainability represents a continuation of value-driven, qualitative growth at both national and international level. Particular value is placed on independence from banks in order to maintain a solid financial profile even during difficult times and remain fit for the future. The value orientation is now being expanded to include the sustainability perspective with the long-term and ambitious goal of climate-neutral growth for the uvex group. The stagnation or targeted reduction of the uvex group's CO2 emissions is to be achieved in particular through improved resource efficiency.

At the uvex group, economic sustainability also means being a secure and attractive employer to both current and future employees.

Integrity and lawful conduct in business activities form part of the uvex group's self-perception. The Corporate Compliance Guidelines outline fundamental values and a code of conduct for employees. Business partners in the supply chain must comply with the uvex group's social standard.

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