Courage Maker Award

Bernd Preuschoff (Head of Group Digital Services / Group Chief Digital Officer (CDO)) accepts the Courage Maker Award on behalf of the uvex group. 
The Courage Maker Award recognises companies that show courage in tackling digitalisation.

Germany's most innovative companies 2022

The uvex group has been awarded the Deutschlandtest seal of approval for "Germany's most innovative companies 2022". Online sources were analysed for a good 12,400 companies and statements on five innovation-relevant topics were evaluated: innovation activity, investments, research & development, product innovations and technology. We would like to thank Focus and Focus-Money for this award!

Company of the year

The "Company of the Year" study, conducted by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) on behalf of DEUTSCHLAND TEST, honours companies that have performed particularly well in the previous evaluations "Award Winner", "Highest Trust", "Customer Favourites" and "Germany's Best - Sustainability". Votes on around 21,000 companies from over 200 sectors were collected and evaluated. We are very pleased to be named "Company of the Year" by Focus and Focus Money.

Germany's Innovation Leader

The uvex group is awarded the certificate "Germany's Innovation Leader". 

For the study "Germany's Innovation Leader", Prognos analysed the patent applications of companies operating in Germany on behalf of the F.A.Z. Institute. Not only was the number of patents assessed, but also their relevance. The uvex group is one of the top innovative companies in Germany!

Germany's best training companies 2022

The effects of the Corona pandemic on the training market are also evident in 2021, although no longer as serious as in 2020. The starting position as before the Corona pandemic has by no means been reached again. While there were about 525,000 contracts in 2019, there were only about 473,000 in 2021 despite a slight recovery of +1.2% or 5,600 additional contracts concluded compared to the previous year. On the other hand, 63,200 training places remained unfilled in 2021. This is a new record level - and the trend is upwards. In contrast, there were 59,900 in 2020 and 53,100 unfilled training places in 2019. It is therefore "five to twelve on the training market". Moreover, young people's interest in training places continues to fall, according to Friedrich Hubert Esser, President of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training. "And where there is a lack of trainees today, there will be a lack of skilled workers tomorrow. That is why securing the demand for skilled workers will be one of the greatest challenges of this decade. Only with an attractive and strong dual VET system will it be possible to meet this challenge." This is the background to the study "Germany's Best Training Companies 2022". We would like to thank Focus and Focus Money for the award "Germany's Best Training Companies 2022".

Top National Employer

The uvex group is ranked among Germany's top employers by the editors of FOCUS-BUSINESS on the basis of an independent nationwide online survey & analysis of online ratings.


Top Career Opportunities

Which companies offer the best career opportunities? For this study, social listening for the approximately 22,500 companies in Germany was used to investigate how the companies are talked about on the net with regard to career opportunities. In addition, companies in Germany were contacted by e-mail and asked to return a questionnaire on the relevant aspects. The study shows which companies offer their employees particularly good career options. We are grateful to receive the "Top Career Opportunities" award for the third year in a row.

Super Brand Award

Whether for sports, leisure or everyday work: uvex offers perfect protection from head to toe with ski goggles and helmets, sports and sunglasses or cycling and riding helmets. From our headquarters in Fürth, Germany, we, as a medium-sized company, coordinate our activities throughout the world.

The uvex group has around 2,900 employees and 49 subsidiaries in 22 countries. The uvex group was founded in 1926 by Philipp M. Winter, who manufactured safety eyewear in his "Optischen-Industrie-Anstalt".

Today, uvex is undoubtedly one of the strongest brands in Germany and has therefore been awarded SUPERBRAND GERMANY for the first time! We are super proud and would like to thank you for the award!

Employer branding goes social media - German Brand Award for the uvex group

This year, the uvex group will receive the German Brand Award 2021 for our submission: "Employer Brand goes Social Media" in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Employer Branding Activities & Campaigns. After establishing the uvex group employer brand internally and externally in recent years, the successful leap to social media took place in 2019/20. In addition to existing channels such as Xing and LinkedIn, the Instagram and Facebook channels were also set up and used for various campaigns. The special feature: The concept and creative input are created entirely in-house with the involvement of the company's own employees - for an authentic joint presence. According to the jury's verdict, the campaign represents a contemporary step that was carefully prepared in terms of brand strategy and makes a 100% authentic impression. The likeable, target group-oriented recruiting campaigns were very well received not only by the digital public, but also by the company's own workforce. We are very happy about the award and proud to receive the German Brand Award 2021. We would like to thank you for the great support! 

High innovative strength

uvex has been awarded the title of Highly Innovative Company by WELT and ServiceValue in the outdoor clothing sector.

Valuable employers for the common good

The people who live there know best what makes employers valuable in their region. With this in mind, the market research institute ServiceValue was commissioned by WirtschaftsWoche to survey citizens across Germany on how they rate the value of a total of 2,130 companies for the common good. We are delighted that the uvex group has been nominated for the "High contribution to the common good" award as part of this survey.

"Germany's best training companies - High attractiveness"

Qualified vocational training can be the springboard to a fulfilled professional life and the basis for a successful career. The prerequisites for this are an appropriate vocational aptitude and stamina on the part of the trainees as well as a sense of responsibility and competence on the part of the training companies. In its survey "Germany's Best Training Companies 2021", the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue in cooperation with WELT has now surveyed for the first time and nationwide which companies are perceived by the population as particularly attractive in their role as trainers. Citizens rated a total of 3,998 companies from the service, trade and industry sectors in terms of their attractiveness as training companies. We are grateful to have received the award for "high attractiveness as a training company".

Position 125 of the 1000 TOP employers

The uvex group was once again named a "Top Employer" in 2021 in the "Industry" category. We are very pleased about the best ranking to date and the 125th place in the overall ranking.

Corporate responsibility

Within 155 industries with a total of 2098 companies, the uvex group was named as a WELT Award winner for its corporate responsibility.

High brand loyalty

In cooperation with the WELT news channel, ServiceValue examined which brands enjoy the highest loyalty among their customers in the "Brand Loyalty 2021" study. We are pleased that the study shows Uvex with the rating "high brand loyalty" in the outdoor clothing sector.

World Market Leader - Future Champion 2021

WirtschaftsWoche honors the uvex group with the title World Market Leader - Future Champion 2021.

Germany's best training companies

Qualified training can be the stepping stone to a fulfilling professional life and the basis for a successful career. The prerequisites for this are an appropriate vocational aptitude and stamina on the part of the trainees as well as a sense of responsibility and competence on the part of the training companies. In its survey "Germany's Best Training Companies 2021", the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue, in cooperation with WELT, has now surveyed for the first time and nationwide which companies are perceived by the population as particularly attractive in their role as trainers. Around 4,000 companies were listed and ranked in a cross-sectoral ranking. We are pleased to be among the best training companies in Germany.

Germany's Best Employers

In cooperation with WELT, the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH conducts large nationwide surveys to find out how attractive German companies are rated by the population. "Germany's Best Employers" presents the results in rankings. The companies surveyed are assigned to their respective economic sector (services, trade, industry). The current publication presents employers in terms of their image. The survey "Germany's Best Employers" thus consists of a large number of surveys which are carried out in sequence. In the first step, citizens are asked which of the listed companies they know as employers or which companies they can rate as employers.

We are pleased to receive this award! 


Top Career Opportunities for Women 2020

The uvex group employer brand is on course for success. This is evidenced by numerous awards in 2020, including the "Top Career Opportunities for Women" award from FOCUS magazine. For women in particular, family-friendliness of the employer, equal rights and career opportunities are important decision-making factors. "We are very pleased that we are repeatedly able to score points as an attractive employer," explains Michael Winter. "We are convinced that firmly anchored equal opportunities and diversity lead to greater satisfaction among employees and thus ultimately to greater success in the organization". 

Leading Employer 2020

We have been honored by the Institute of Research & Data Aggregation GmbH with two top rankings as Leading Employer 2020.
Out of 450 surveyed companies - across Germany - the uvex group achieved position 3 in the sector "Plastics and Rubber Goods".
Among the 50 surveyed companies - across all industries - the uvex group is even ranked No. 1 in the metropolitan area "Fürth".

Top Employer 2020 (Focus)

The uvex group was once again named "Top Employer" in 2020 in the category "Industry". We are very pleased about the best ranking so far and the 141st place in the overall ranking. Within the category "Industry", the uvex group was ranked on place six.

Excellent Sustainability

The topic of sustainability is more relevant than ever and companies in particular have a special responsibility when it comes to this challenge. The F.A.Z.-Institut has examined the sustainability reputation of 21,000 companies in 438 million German-language online sources. The uvex group can be pleased about the certificate of "Excellent Sustainability" awarded 2020 by the F.A.Z.-Institut.

Employer with High Attractiveness 2020

Once again this year, the uvex group has made it to the top employers in Germany. In cooperation with Die WELT, the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH has selected those companies in a nationwide survey that are noticeably authentic and enjoy a high level of credibility among the population.

The uvex group can be pleased about the WELT award for high employer attractiveness in 2020.

Future Champion (Wirtschaftswoche)

The uvex group is one of the future global market leaders in Germany. Awarded by Wirtschaftswoche, we are proud to receive the "Future Champion 2020" award.

Among the best training companies in Germany

Which companies are among the best trainers in Germany and offer trainees the best future opportunities? The exclusive Capital study dealt with these two questions, among others. In 2020, the uvex group is among the "best trainers in Germany" in the categories "training" and "dual studies".

Valuable employer - contribution to the common good

WirtschaftsWoche honors the uvex group with the "Valuable Employer - Contribution to the Common Good" award in 2020.


Valuable employer for the common good

Whether it be jobs created or developments in a City. Regions live and benefit from companies that promote the common good.
On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, the market research institute ServiceValue interviewed residents regarding 1320 regional employers - this time in the southern region (Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg).
The uvex group can also be pleased about the award as a "valuable employer for the common good".


Once again, the uvex group has been awarded the "Top Career Opportunities" prize! The 20,000 companies with the highest number of employees in Germany were surveyed. It is based on around 11 million statements in online forums such as kununu, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. These statements were evaluated and examined regarding career, corporate culture and working climate. Thank you again this year for helping to make the uvex group a winner once again.

TOP Company for digital Talents

Business Punk magazine has created a ranking that recognizes companies that are particularly advanced in terms of digitization. Evaluations from various forums, employer evaluations, comments, etc. on social media have resulted in this ranking.

The following criteria were evaluated:

"Digitalization" - means the degree of general digitalization in a company (e.g. the use of modern tools of communication). Digitalization is divided into three sub-criteria, "hard facts", "culture" and "benefits":

"Hard facts" are rational criteria such as continuing education opportunities, flexible working hours, etc.

"Culture" describes emotional criteria such as working atmosphere, hierarchy, etc.

"Benefits" describes classic benefits such as canteen, company health management, etc.

In the categories Hard Facts and Culture we are regarded as leaders, in the Benefits we are regarded as capable of improvement. This leads to an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Top education

The uvex group was awarded as one of the TOP education in 2019. From more than 40,000 evaluations by trainees and from various analyses, once again uvex group is placed on the winner's podium. To find out what our trainees have to say about their training, go to kununu or click here.

Bavarian Family Pact

The uvex group is particularly concerned about the compatibility of family and career, especially as a family business. As a participant in the Bavarian Family Pact, we were once again awarded a certificate by the Bavarian Ministry of Family Affairs. More information about the Family Pact can be found here: https://www.familienpakt-bayern.de
Photos: Thomas Scherer

Strengthening the Environment and the Economy Together

WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co KG was awarded the certificate "Strengthening the Environment and the Economy Together" by the Bavarian State Ministry for its participation in the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

By participating in the Bavarian Environmental Pact, we commit ourselves to a qualified, voluntary environmental performance.

TOP career opportunities for women 2019

The uvex group has received many awards, but we are particularly proud of the "TOP career opportunities for women" award from Focus Money.


Wirtschaftswoche: Future Champions 2018

The uvex group is one of the future global market leaders in Germany. In cooperation with the business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the University of St. Gallen has identified the German "Future Champions 2018". The companies had to meet strict criteria in order to be included on the list of future world market leaders. The uvex group receives the seal with 53 other companies. The following criteria had to be met: Companies must have the highest or second highest market share in their segment, annual sales must be between 5 and 50 million euros and at least 40 percent of sales must be generated abroad. Future Champions must also be active on at least three continents.

TOP National Employer

For the fifth time in a row, the uvex group is one of the best employers in Germany. In cooperation with the employer review portal kununu, every year the news magazine FOCUS determines the 1,000 best employers in Germany. These companies can then use the "Top National Employer" seal. As a manufacturer of products for the protection of people from head to toe at work, during sport or for leisure pursuits, the uvex group is particularly proud of this distinction. The company sees this as confirmation of its corporate and leadership values.

Bavarians Top 20: Successful. Family-friendly

In 2018, the uvex group was honoured with the award “Erfolgreich.Familienfreundlich” (Successful. Family-friendly), in recognition of it being among the 20 most family-friendly companies in Bavaria.

The approximately 250 working time models available at the uvex group support the individual phases of life and thus a good work-life balance. Managers are also exemplary in their compatibility, for example through part-time management. Employees with children accept the childcare offers very well during the holidays and on the day of repentance and bed. The company is preparing itself for the increasing care obligations of its employees with trained care pilots. Employees receive financial support in the form of a tax-free childcare allowance and marriage allowances, among other things. Employees on parental leave maintain regular contact with the company through a sponsorship system. Family friendliness is thus a central component of the uvex group. The very low fluctuation rate of 1.04 percent underlines this impressively.

Bayerns Best 50

The uvex group has been awarded the Bavarian Entrepreneur award BAYERNS BEST 50 by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and is one of the Top 50 again this year!


June 2017: German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is the distinction for successful market leadership in Germany. Once again, the uvex group was nominated this year and received the Gold Award in the "Employer Branding" category for its employer brand. On 29 June 2017, Dagmar Hugenroth, Head of CBM, and Anja Meisel, Head of Employer Brand, were presented with the award in Berlin.

May 2017: Award for the Equality Check

The uvex group was one of the first companies in Germany to take part in the Federal Office for Anti-Discrimination's equality check and after the project was completely successfully in December 2016, uvex received an award for gender equality.

February 2017: uvex as one of the Best Training Companies in Germany

Once again, Focus and Focus Money are honouring "Germany's Best Training Companies" with the support of Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges. Across Germany, the 5,000 largest companies in terms of employee numbers were asked about their quality of training. uvex won in the plastics industry sector and with this is one of 413 companies receiving the seal this year. uvex offers training for 14 different jobs across the states of Lower Saxony, Bavaria and Saxony.

May 2017: German Corporate Health Award

For the third time, the uvex group was distinguished by the umbrella organisation of BKK Health Insurance Funds for its particular dedication to occupational health management with the "German Corporate Award for Health – Excellence". This award is bestowed upon companies and organisations with exemplary health management whose activities are oriented not only toward individual behaviours but also measures to successfully optimise the operational framework and that view occupational health management as a part of the corporate strategy.

February 2017: Top National Employer

The uvex group has again been voted one of the best employers in Germany for 2017 as well! Together with kununu, the news magazine FOCUS has determined the best employers in Germany again. Once more, uvex is included and has now received the sought-after "TOP National Employer" seal for the fourth time in a row.


November 2016: Axia Award

The uvex group received the Axia Award for its far-sighted, detailed succession plan concept. Georg Höfler, CFO of the uvex group, accepted the renowned award in the "Best Succession Plan" category on 29 November 2016.

February 2016: Top National Employer

For the third time in a row, uvex has received the "TOP National Employer" award from the news magazine FOCUS, which awards the 1,000 best employers each year in collaboration with the online review portal kununu.

June 2016: German Brand Award

The uvex group is delighted about the German Brand Award 2016 conferred by the Design Council to pioneering brands, sustainable market concepts and brand makers in Germany.


July 2015: Bavaria's Best 50

The Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology has honoured the uvex group with the BAVARIA'S BEST 50 award. The fifty fastest-growing SMEs were nominated for this prize. Above-average growth in employees and sales were decisive for the award.

May 2015: A.T. Kearney 361° Family Award

In collaboration with the market and social research institute infas, the consulting firm A.T. Kearney has awarded the 361° Family Award. The basis for this was an employee questionnaire on family-friendliness at the company. uvex achieved second place.

February 2015: Top National Employer

Within the framework of the FOCUS SPECIAL, uvex has received the "Top National Employer" award for the second time in a row, making it one of Germany's best employers.

June 2015: German Corporate Health Award

The umbrella organisation of BKK Health Insurance Funds and the European Commission have commended the uvex group for its health-conscious, employee-oriented corporate strategy. The German Corporate Health Award, which uvex has received before, was awarded to uvex in the "Excellence" category.

April 2015: German Education Award & Ranking of the Most Popular Family Companies in Germany

German Education Award: The German Education Award distinguishes companies that encourage and further develop their employees in terms of exemplary education management and talent management. Above all, uvex scored well in the areas of performance reviews, educational counselling and development measures and was rated "Excellent". uvex is one of the most popular family companies in Germany: the employer review platform kununu identified the top ten most popular family companies in Germany in April. The uvex group placed overall in Germany.


September 2014: Corporate Design Award 2014

uvex's new design concept was fêted as exceptional work at the Corporate Design Award. The design reflects the brand values of uvex and is a part of our strengthened brand creation process.

February 2014: Top National Employer

Within the framework of the FOCUS SPECIAL, uvex has received the "Top National Employer" award,  making it one of Germany's best employers.

February 2014: Axia Award

uvex has been honoured for its excellent sustainable corporate concepts with the Axia Award 2013 for Bavaria. The consulting firm Deloitte bestowed the award in collaboration with the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, which had the theme "Think sustainably, lead successfully".

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