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As a company, we are conscious of our influence on our environment and the climate. At Filtral, we introduced the first measures aimed at improving the sustainability of the company back in 2008. In so doing, we laid the foundations for important changes moving forward. Since this time, we have been following this path through each stage ever since. For Filtral, commitment to greater sustainability means thinking holistically and acting responsibly every step of the way – from production to delivery.

As a manufacturer of fashionable sunglasses and reading glasses, we are here to show you: sustainable materials and fashion consciousness go together!

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The frames of Green Line sunglasses from Filtral are made from 65% renewable raw materials. In production, castor oil is used as a substitute for petroleum. By using bioplastics, we are reducing our consumption of fossil resources during production of our sunglasses. In total, 20 models of the Filtral sunglasses collection for 2022 are already made from bio-based plastic.

In addition, we have been voluntarily investing in schemes aimed at offsetting greenhouse gases generated by manufacturing processes since 2012.

We also place a huge focus on using environmentally friendly materials for our packaging. For this reason, we use labels made from stone paper. The product information is printed on FSC paper sourced from sustainable forests.


In a step towards improving the environmentally friendly credentials of our reading glasses, we make use of recycled materials. In this context, Filtral reading glasses frames are manufactured using at least 70% recycled plastics. This saves valuable resources and reduces the use of fossil raw materials. In so doing, we are helping generate greater sustainability – without compromising on quality.

Moreover, since 2012, we have been offsetting the CO2 emissions generated during production of our reading glasses.

We also place value on using environmentally friendly materials for the packaging of our reading glasses, which is why we use header cards made out of stone paper. The product information is printed on FSC paper sourced from sustainable forests.

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