Social Sustainability

Acting with a sense of social responsibility.

Social Sustainability - Rainer Winter with children from Kinderheim St. Michael

With headquarters in Fürth, the uvex group makes a significant contribution to the strength of the regional economy. Through our commitment to the region, such as support for the municipal theatre in Fürth, the beach volleyball tournament and other local activities as well as through donations for regional projects, the uvex group is an important player in social and cultural circles. uvex also assumes social responsibility with the Rainer Winter Foundation, which provides swift and unbureaucratic help for needy, sick and disabled children all over the world. Today, this role is being continued by the third generation of the founding family and is continually supported by employees, customers and suppliers.

Commitment to social standards

We demand that our suppliers and all companies in the uvex group comply with the Social Standards. These are regularly reviewed on site and are a component of uvex’s International Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Our employees are crucial to our success. This is why we would like to offer them the option of achieving the best possible work/life balance, taking account of their individual circumstances as far as possible. It is in our interests to offer them the best development opportunities and working conditions to ensure a sense of loyalty to uvex and to persuade them to decide to look for a long-term career with us. Rainer Winter, shareholder, about the "Rainer Winter Stiftung":

Rainer Winter  - Commitment to social standards
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