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The innovative products and services for the world market are produced in the company's own plants, many of them in Germany and Europe (production sites worldwide). The entire value-added chain is thus in our own hands - from the product idea and development, through production, to sales. This not only enables the uvex group to act particularly quickly and flexibly, but also to guarantee the high quality standards of its products through its own manufacturing expertise.

In order to reduce its ecological footprint, the uvex group regularly carries out sustainability activities at its production facilities around the world. In the 2020/21 financial year, the following measures were taken at these plants:

GRI 302-4

uvex safety Cagi, Ceva
  • Conversion of occupational safety management system from BS 18001 to ISO 45001
  • New more efficient injection molding machine
  • Changeover to material delivery by tanker truck
  • Changeover of release agent from solvent-based to water-based
uvex safety gloves, Lüneburg
  • Installation of a combined heat and power plant
  • Dismantling of an energy-intensive plant
  • Conversion to LED lighting in halls 11 and 13
  • Reduction of paste changeover at end of shift
    uvex Arbeitsschutz, Fürth
    • Installation of new energetically optimized flood cells
    • Introduction of an optimized paint system
    • Optimization of the compressed air system
    • Renewal of the power sub-distribution in production
    • Introduction of environmental management system according to ISO 14001
    • Move to new modern and larger production site
    laservision, Fürth
    • Move to new modern and larger building with higher energy efficiency
    BSA, Obernzell
    • Commissioning of a third steam boiler in June 2021 for bicycle helmet production. This is characterized by a significantly better energy balance, which is achieved by a 2-stage recirculation of energy from the flue gases.
    • Existing assembly stations were converted to LED lighting.
    uvex sports Lederdorn, Lederdorn
    • First purchase of an electric plastic injection machine. This enables energy savings of approx. 50% compared to the previous hydraulic machines. In addition, approx. 85% less oil use and disposal as well as significantly quieter.
    • Strapping of shipping pallets with tape instead of film, where possible, in all production facilities and warehouses (saving 20-25m film per pallet).
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