uvex safety gloves Lüneburg

Installation of a combined heat and power unit (CHP)

In July 2021, a CHP unit was completed at the Lüneburg plant that will save 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually by using the generated electrical energy (250 kW/h) and the simultaneous use of the engine waste heat (269 kW/h) generated during the production process. The CHP already meets the exhaust emissions requirements that will be required by law from 1 January 2024 and is therefore one of the first CHP units in Germany to meet this standard.

Dismantling of an energy-intensive plant

For the development of the uvex phynomic safety gloves, a pilot plant was set up and optimised for the production of the phynomic product range. However, the production process here was not especially energy-efficient. In order to be able to produce high unit volumes, operations at the pilot plant were continued. The pilot plant has, however, now been decommissioned, with capacities transferred to and distributed between modern robot cells. Following the dismantling of this energy-intensive pilot plant, around 225,000 kWh of energy and therefore 82 tonnes of CO2 will be saved in future on an annual basis.

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