uvex sports group celebrates 50 years at Lederdorn

"I was looking for outworkers in the region around the Bavarian Forest, but ended up coming back with a factory instead" – this is how Rainer Winter describes his search for staff and a production facility for the labour-intensive production of ski goggles during the 1960s. On 19 June 1969, he set up the uvex sports Lederdorn site. In the beginning, ten in-house staff and ten outworkers began the production of ski and motorcycle goggles as well as diving masks. Today, the production facility employs 120 staff and specialises in the production of ski goggles, ski and riding helmets in addition to full vision safety goggles and safety helmets.


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On Friday 27 September 2019, uvex sports Lederdorn celebrated its 50 year anniversary. Dr Michael Dannhauser, Chief Operating Officer of the uvex sports group, opened the celebrations with pictures of the “proud people award”, which was awarded by Christophe Weissenberger, CEO of the uvex sports group. "We are proud to have been manufacturing in Lederdorn for over 50 years”, Dannhauser commented.


The uvex group is sharpening its focus on unique synergies between the sports and industrial health and safety sectors, with the aim of ensuring that the Lederdorn site can continue to manufacture competitively in the years to come. For this reason, even more safety helmets from the uvex safety subgroup are set to be manufactured here moving forward.

Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex group, commented in his speech underlining the group’s commitment to the Lederdorn production site: "Additional industrial health and safety contracts are enabling us to reduce dependency on the winter sport segment, while also delivering new and improved prospects in terms of the capacity utilisation rate at Lederdorn and development of innovative technologies on site". The investment in a new mirroring machine for spectacle lenses and helmet visors, which will transform the Lederdorn site into a modern technological centre, is testament to the fact that Fürth-based family-owned company will continue to pursue a "Made in Germany” approach in the future.

Michael Winter's gift, an artwork by the Fürth artist Jan Molendijk, also links the worlds of sport and industrial health and safety. It depicts a ski helmet and goggles alongside riding and industrial health and safety helmets, conveying to the outside world for years to come the key pillars upon which the Lederdorn site has thrived

District Administrator Franz Löffler and Mayor Stefan Baumgartner were invited as guests of honour. They both offered their congratulations and expressed their thanks for the excellent collaboration. Stefan Baumgartner underlined the way in which the uvex brand is an attractive flagship for the whole region, while also praising the outstanding quality of uvex products, before adding with a wink: "The people from this region are the best co-workers one could wish for”. He also reminded uvex that his door would always be kept open for the company and everything possible will be done to improve the network and technological infrastructure in the local area.

A particular highlight of the programme was a look back at the history of the Lederdorn site prepared by Günther Simeth and Ludwig Klein, before further gifts were presented. All guests received a pair of sports eyewear with a personalised engraving on the lens from the Lederdorn site management team. In addition, the Managing Partners of the uvex group presented the Lederdorn site with an elaborately crafted artwork by a local artist. And as if that wasn't enough: Stefan Brück, CEO of the uvex safety group, brought along two showcases – the first contained golden full vision goggles to represent the previous 50 years, while inside the second was a golden safety helmet to represent the 50 years ahead.

The fourth generation Managing Partners Leo Winter and Alexa Grau also took part in the celebrations in the splendidly decorated factory building, with Managing Partner Gabriele Grau and CFO Georg Höfler also present among the guests invited.


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