The way to the perfect photo

A day at a photo shoot with the marketing of the uvex safety group

Me, Alina Grammig, 2nd year apprentice for dialogue marketing, together with my colleagues from the uvex safety marketing department, went to a photo studio in Nuremberg. The reason for this was a photo shoot with the model Kenan Engerini (to be seen on the title page of our main catalogue).

At 09:00 o'clock we started. After I met the stylist, 2 helpers and the photographer, we started to unpack and sort all our PSA products. This was important to make sure that the outfit changes during the shooting go quickly and smoothly, because the schedule is tough! First, our model presented gloves from HexArmor. We made sure that Kenan appears more in the background and the gloves fall directly into the eye. Is the focus of the exposure set on the glove? Is the exposure too bright or too dark? Is the light coming from the perfect position? Is the model too far back or too far on one side and therefore no longer in the ideal light position? Are the pictures sharp enough? All these factors had to be taken care of by the photographer's 2 assistants. The stylist constantly made sure that Kenan's clothes fit smoothly and evenly, that small wrinkles in his face were removed and that his hair looked good.

Next, Kenan showed up with various uvex PSA products. The outfit was changed countless times and Kenan took on a new pose almost every second. Main topic for this was the "bauma", the biggest building fair, which takes place in April in Munich. uvex will be there for the first time! The aim of the shooting was to design the communication level for "construction". Some photos will then be shown at the exhibition stand, on advertisements and invitations or on the website. So Kenan had to be the perfect construction worker.

The biggest challenge was the next part of the shooting, because pictures had been taken, on which the bright red light strip of the light guide system had to be seen well. However, this flashes required a high level of concentration and a fast reaction speed on the part of the photographer. In the meantime, our internal videographer and the uvex safety marketing manager arrived. After a short lunch break, we head on to the next part of the shooting.

A film from the warning protection collection "uvex protection active flash" was shot. These warning protection products light up with the help of a light guide system that is powered by a rechargeable battery. But before the shooting began, the studio had to be rebuilt because the lighting conditions had to be completely different. Kenan showed in front of the camera how the light guide system of the jacket is activated and deactivated. In addition, films were made in which it is demonstrated how well the jacket can be seen in the dark and how the jacket reflects when illuminated.

Around 17:30 pm everyone started the way home, Kenan, the model even to Vienna - the life of a model! For me this day was a great experience. I got an interesting impression and certainly remember this day often and with pleasure.

I would like to thank the Marketing Department for the trust they have placed in me and look forward to the final results!

See our film from the warning protection collection "uvex protection active flash":


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