International Volunteer Day

protecting people.

This motto is reflected not only in the DNA of the uvex group, but also in its employees. For many, it is important to carry the idea of protecting people beyond working hours and to help other people with their work. Mrs. Nachtmann-Leitl, optician in our optician shop, regularly spends her free time in Nepal to support a project of the association "Vision for the world e. V.". In this interview, you can find out what motivates Mrs. Nachtmann-Leitl to and what her work exactly looks like.

uvex group: How long have you been volunteering?

BNL: I started my voluntary work in 2012.

uvex group: What made you do this?

BNL: This question is not easy to answer. Part of my motivation was the chance of travelling to Nepal. Of course, the prospect of being able to pass on my knowledge was also a great motivation.

uvex group: What does your voluntary work look like? What projects do you support, or have you even set up a volunteer organisation yourself?

BNL: My job primarily consists of teaching. I instruct the optical unit staff in the eye clinics of the Eastern Regional Eyecare Program. About 200 glasses are produced there every day without any optical knowledge. The spectacle wearers often had problems with their glasses. For this reason, a call for help came to the association "Vision for the world" from Nepal. This call for help was forwarded to the former managing director of laservision, who again forwarded this fact internally. I was one of those, who volunteered to help.

Meanwhile I am flying to Nepal every year during my vacation to teach the employees there. Of course, the trip alone is not enough. Everything has to be prepared and teaching material has to be created. As not all of the employees there speak English, I have to work a lot with pictures. That’s the main preparatory work.

This year a new action was added: In spring my colleague Gaby Jackson accompanied me for the first time. We had a school screening in the mountains at a school in Nuwakot. We were able to provide about 350 people with donated glasses. These glasses had to be cleaned and measured. We are busy preparing these glasses all year round. As we have a stock of about 13,000 glasses, we will not run out of work that quickly. Further school camps are planned in the future - not only in Nepal - but also in India and Sri Lanka. The planning and coordination of the current and future projects are also one of my tasks.


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