Collaboration Day

After more than half a year of planning, countless creative ideas, workshop topics and organization meetings, the time had finally come: The first CollEx-Day of the uvex group took place in the iba-Forum Fürth! Invited were all CollEx who were trained uvex-group-wide - that's about 100 employees all over Europe in the DACH region.

But what is CollEx anyway?

CollEx stands for "Collaboration Experts". Experts - employees - who have been trained to learn the latest tools from Microsoft and pass on their knowledge to other colleagues.

In 2016, the planning of the integration of the Office365 working world began for the first time, and then volunteers were trained in teams for three days to become CollEx. The training consisted of theoretical workshops, practical tips and, of course, workshops on how to integrate the new way of working into everyday working life. Meanwhile we are about 100 CollEx in the DACH region all over Europe, who diligently pass on the new working methods to their colleagues.

The CollEx Day was created to promote personal exchange and to get to know the faces of all the Skype Names that are usually read in weekly updates. The day began with a coffee and a first meeting. The first item on the agenda was an exciting, stirring and instructive impulse lecture by Tobias Bukhardt, founder of shiftschool Nürnberg. Motivated, the first workshops started. Different topics from "How do I convince my colleagues?" to technical questions were part of the program. Experts among themselves!

Each participant had the opportunity to attend three different workshops and exchange ideas. Of course there was enough time for this at lunch. Until the afternoon there was discussion, elaboration and genetic work. At the end of the instructive day only one conclusion could be drawn: Please read more! The exchange between the CollEx, how everyone deals with the changeover, possible technical hurdles or simply the demands of daily working life, was enormously helpful.


An overall impression of the day can be found in the video.

Many thanks to the initiators, organizers and CollEx!

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