Childcare day at the uvex group

Childcare day at uvex CREATIVITY was capitalised on 31 July 2019, as the uvex group once again organised the childcare day at the Fürth site as part of the Fürth Alliance's holiday care programme.

Around 30 children visited us to get to know our company a little better and to experience an action-packed morning. At 10:00 a.m. the children were welcomed and after a short greeting and a game of getting to know each other a small breakfast break with pretzels and fresh fruit followed.

To the delight of the children, we were also surprised by the famous uvex mascot "BAZI".

Afterwards, the children were allowed to let their creativity run free and embellish uvex safety helmets with earplugs, glitter dust, letters and wool. Divided into two groups, we took it in turns to the test laboratory, where we could experience up close how the quality of our glasses and helmets is tested. At the same time in the second group the last helmets were finished, mandalas were painted, Monday painters were played and the most beautiful helmet was chosen. As a prize for the great work of art, the winner received a small cuddly toy picture from "BAZI".

After lunch in the uvexeria we said goodbye to the children and heard sentences like "I want to work here too" and "uvex is great". Who knows, maybe you will see one or the other face here again later...

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