BSA donates uvex bike helmets for first aid courses

What happens to bicycle helmets that cannot be sold?

The BRK Kreisverband Weilheim Schongau can use such helmets for its first aid courses. At the request of course instructor Christian Lärm, the BSA Obernzell factory of the uvex sports group donated 15 unsaleable bike helmets.

This high-quality helmets are perfectly suited to illustrate the topic of injuries in bicycle falls and safe cycling with a helmet.

"The removal of a motorcycle helmet is a standard part of every first-aid course," explains Christian Lärm. "Since mountain biking and cycling are particularly popular here in our region, the number of bicycle accidents has also increased significantly. We use the 'discarded' uvex helmets to sensitize the participants to the importance of wearing a well-fitting and well-manufactured bike helmet".

Since July 2019, Christian Lärm and his colleagues have been able to show what protecting people means directly at the object - many thanks for this great idea in terms of safety and sustainability.

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