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When and where did uvex come into being? Who are the members of the management board, and who is its chairman?

Rainer Winter and Michael Winter chair the management board. The other member is Georg Höfler (CFO).

The management board of the uvex safety group: Stefan Brück (CEO), Martin Leusmann and Stefan Wehner.

The management board of the uvex sports group: Christophe Weissenberger (CEO).

Where is the uvex group based?

The uvex group is based in Fürth, Germany.

What are uvex's most important locations and where are they?

Germany is the most important location for the uvex group.

Please click here for more information on the different locations.

Which subsidiaries are part of the uvex group?

The uvex group brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (with uvex sports and Alpina), and Filtral.

The uvex group markets products under the following brand names:

  • uvex sports: Ski helmets and goggles, cycling helmets and glasses, riding helmets and gloves, sunglasses
  • uvex safety: Protective headgear (safety eyewear, corrective safety eyewear, laser safety eyewear, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protective headwear), workwear, protective footwear and hand protection
  • Alpina: Ski helmets and goggles, cycling helmets and glasses
  • Filtral: Consumer sunglasses
How many people work for the uvex group?

As of June 2016, the uvex group employed about 2,381 people around the world.

I have questions regarding sponsoring and donations ...

Every day, we are contacted by individuals, organizations and associations who would like us to help them. Please understand that we cannot respond favorably to every request, as even our budget has limits. Furthermore, our primary commitment is to our own foundation, the RAINER WINTER FOUNDATION.

Brands and Products

What brands belong to the uvex group?

uvex, Alpina, Filtral, heckel and laservision

What does uvex stand for?

uvex is an abbreviation of the quality indicator "UltraViolet EXcluded".

Where can I find an uvex retailer near me?

Click here to find a uvex sports retailer near you:

You can buy a selection of uvex safety products from our online shop.

Can I submit a new idea (either product or design-related) to uvex for consideration and/or evaluation?

We very much appreciate your interest in our company, but we are unable to accept unsolicited design or invention proposals, or indeed any other such ideas, from individuals who do not work for the uvex group. We would therefore ask you to refrain from making any such submissions.

Where or how can I exchange faulty uvex products?

If you are unhappy with an uvex product, please contact your retailer or wholesaler. They will normally be able to help you.


How can I contact the uvex group’s press office?

Click here to go to our Press Contact page.

Where will I find the uvex group’s current press releases?

Click here to go to the page which contains the uvex group’s most recent press releases


How can I become a supplier to uvex?

You will find all the necessary information on our Suppliers page.

How can I contact the uvex purchasing department?

The uvex purchasing department can be contact by e-mail at the following address:

Corporate Responsibility

Does the uvex group have a code of conduct?

Yes, the uvex group has a code of conduct that governs working conditions, safety, health protection and the environment.

In which countries are uvex products manufactured? How many production plants and/or suppliers does uvex have?

The majority of sports and protective workwear products are manufactured in Germany. uvex has 10 production plants and a large number of suppliers, all of which are very carefully selected.

Does the uvex group publish reports on measures implemented and results achieved in the sphere of corporate responsibility?

The uvex group is strongly committed to the Rainer Winter Foundation. The results of projects undertaken with the group’s support are published regularly on the Foundation’s website. uvex also publishes regular reports on the group’s environmental guidelines.

Does the uvex group engage in social action?

As already stated, the uvex group plows all its efforts in this regard into the Rainer Winter Foundation.

Career Opportunities

Where can I find information about job vacancies within the uvex group?

You will find all the job vacancies for which we are inviting applications on the Careers page of our website.

I haven’t found a vacancy that matches my particular profile, but I would still like to submit a speculative application.

In this case, please send a detailed application complete with covering letter and résumé (CV) to our Human Resources department. Please state the area in which you would like to find employment.

I would like to do an internship with the uvex group.

If you are interested in an internship in our company, please send an application complete with all relevant documentation to our Human Resources department in Fürth, Germany. It is essential that you include the following information: desired duration and area of employment, educational/professional background.

I would like to apply for a trainee position with uvex.

Every year, uvex offers trainee positions in the following areas: Industrial clerk; process mechanic in plastics and rubber engineering, process mechanic for coating technology, IT specialist and industrial mechanic for machine and systems technology. If interested, please send an application complete with all relevant documentation to our Human Resources department in Fürth, Germany. It is essential that you include the following information: desired start date and specialization.

I would like to write my thesis in the uvex group.

It is certainly possible to do this, but the details will need to be discussed with the relevant department. Therefore, in the first instance please send an application complete with all relevant documentation to our Human Resources department in Fürth, Germany.

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