uvex group is training apprentices in countless professions and divisions.

We, as a company, are disposed to convey our apprentices established knowledge by giving them the chance to work in different divisions while being a part of uvex group. Interesting tasks, fascinating topics, a lot of events and much more is offered for our apprentices. Our demand is the accession of our apprentices after having graduated sucessfully.


You want to know which professions you can learn at the uvex group?

  • Business man for dialogue marketing (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Business man for Office Management (m/w/d) // Ellefeld
  • E-commerce merchant (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Electronic technician (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Fashion sewer (m/w/d) // Ellefeld
  • Industrial clerk (m/w/d) // Fürth, Lüneburg, Ellefeld, Lederdorn
  • Industrial mechanic (m/w/d) // Fürth, Lederdorn, Obernzell
  • IT specialist (m/w/d) //Fürth
  • Mechatronic technician (m/w/d) // Lederdorn, Lüneburg, Obernzell
  • Optometrist (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Process mechanic (m/w/d) coating technology // Lederdorn
  • Process mechanic in plastics and rubber technology (m/w/d) // Fürth, Lederdorn
  • Production Specialist Chemistry (m/w/d) // Fürth, Lüneburg
  • Specialist warehouse (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Technical product designer (m/w/d) // Fürth
  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/w/d) //Fürth, Schwabach, Lüneburg, Lederdorn

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The FAQs includes someuseful tips on applying and the application process at our company.


There have been some changes in the apprenticeship. Sabrina Röhn and Jacqueline Eakes are responsible for the leadership and will help you with words and deeds.





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