September 2017 - uvex welcomes the new apprentices

The uvex group welcomes 12 new apprentices in Fürth, Lüneburg, Laimering and Obernzell. At the location in Fürth the day was organized by the "older" apprentices and the training management. They got together in teams and contested several competitions, so they quickly got to know each other. We wish the "newies" a good start into the professional life and fun at work.

July 2017 - B2RUN in Nuremberg

17.500 runners started again at the B2RUN in Nuremberg.
The uvex team was still motivated in spite of the bad weather and ran on the 6.4 kilometer long track bravely through the rain. Our motto this year: "There is no bad weather, there is only wrong clothing". Thanks to all the runners and walkers for the participation!


April 2017 - Girls Day bei uvex

Im Rahmen des diesjährigen Girls Day haben uns letzte Woche 20 interessierte Schülerinnen im Alter von 13 bis 16 Jahren am Standort Fürth besucht. Sie erhielten einen Einblick in die Fachbereiche IT und Laserschutz sowie in unsere Brillenproduktion. Wir haben uns sehr über den Besuch der Mädchen gefreut.


February 2017 - uvex is again one of Germany’s best employers!

In it’s annual ranking the news magazine FOCUS has identified together with kununu Germany's best employers. uvex is receiving the "TOP National Employer’s Award" in 2017, for the fourth time in a row. We are very happy about the award and thank you all for your support!


February 2017 - uvex is one of "Germany's best apprenticing companies 2017"

Once again, the magazines Focus and Focus Money with the support of Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges arwarded "Germany's best apprenticing companies". The 5,000 strongest companies in Germany were surveyed with regard to their quality of education. uvex is the winner in the plastic industry sector and is one of the 413 companies that has received the award this year.

Our apprentices

Februar 2017 - Berufsinformationstage in Stadt und Landkreis Fürth

Im Februar 2017 präsentierten unsere Azubis die uvex group auf diversen Berufsinformationstagen, zum Beispiel in der Ludwig-Erhard-Berufsschule Fürth oder im Gymnasium Stein. Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung lernten sie einen professionellen Messeauftritt zu organisieren und durchzuführen. Die Messen waren von Schülern/innen und ihren Eltern gut besucht.


December 2016 - Christmas greetings

uvex would like to thank our employees and business partners for the trust you have placed in us and the valuable cooperation. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a healthy and successful new year 2017.

Your Human Resource Management


Dezember 2016 - Die uvex group ist ein Beispiel der guten Praxis

Die uvex-Kinderbetreuung am Buß- und Bettag wurde vom Familienpakt Bayern als Beispiel der guten Praxis ausgewählt. Den ganzen Beitrag finden Sie hier.


November 2016 - Axia Award 2016

For 90 years uvex has been taking responsibility for the protection of people in work, sports and leisure. The family-owned company which is managed by the third generation has been arwarded for its far-sighted and detailed concept of succession. Georg Höfler, CFO of the uvex group, took the prestigious Axia Award in the "Best Succession Plan" category in Hamburg on 29th November. The audit and consulting company Deloitte praised in cooperation with the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” this year's Axia Award under the theme "Sustainable company security through successful succession regulation".


November 2016 - our apprentices on a trip

On 10th and 11th November 2016 our apprentices went on their annual uvex trip. This year 40 apprentices visited the headquarter and the production site in Fürth. In the afternoon the old town city center of Nuremberg was explored as part of a city rally. After a night in the Nuremberg castle they also got to learn something about the Nuremberg Reichsparteitag grounds.


November 2016 - Buß- und Bettag 2016

Am 16.11.2016 war es wieder soweit. Am schulfreien Buß- und Bettag besuchten uns 30 uvex-Kinder am Standort Fürth. Im Laufe des Tages wurden Nikolausstiefel gebastelt und Arbeitsschutzhelme verschönert. Zusätzlich lernten die Kinder getreu dem Motto protecting people, warum das Auge geschützt werden muss. Das Highlight des Tages war schließlich das gemeinsame Mittagessen mit den Eltern in der uvexeria.




September 2016 - uvex heißt die neuen Azubis herzlich willkommen

Gestern durfte die uvex group 11 neue Auszubildende in Fürth, Lüneburg und Lederdorn begrüßen. Am Standort Fürth wurde der Tag von den „älteren“ Azubis und der Ausbildungsleitung bunt gestaltet. Im Team gab es verschiedenste Wettkämpfe zu bestreiten, so wuchsen alle schnell zusammen. Die Ausbildungsleitung und die Azubis wünschen den „Neuen“ einen guten Start ins Berufsleben, viel Freude bei der Arbeit und, dass sie jeden Tag gerne in die Arbeit gehen.


July 2016 - B2Run in Nuremberg

On Thursday (21.07.2016) more than 16,000 participants started in Nuremberg and the uvex group had 60 runners and walkers there.

Our three fastest men were:
1. Pierre - Olivier Söll
2. Markus Wiegler
3. Martin Heidingsfelder

Our three fastest women were:
1. Manuela Graf
2. Jil Pöpplow
3. Birgit Rackl

Congratulations for the great performance!We thank you very much for your participation and we are looking forward to next year!


May 2016 - Students of the Protestant University Nuremberg at uvex

A group of 20 students majoring in Social and Health Services of the Protestant University of Nuremberg visited our headquarter in Fürth. A company presentation, a lecture on health management and a guided tour focusing on "Occupational Safety and Security at uvex" were part of the program.


March 2016 - uvex is one of "Germany's best apprenticing companies 2016"

Also this year, the journals Focus and Focus Money with support of Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges awarded "Germany's best apprenticing companies 2016". Overall, 2,000 employees were surveyed in Germany in terms of their quality of education. uvex is among the best 185 companies in Germany, who has been awarded in 2016.

March 2016 - Corporate competition "Success Factor Family 2016"

The uvex group has participated in the corporate competition "Success Factor Family 2016" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. This year, more than 400 companies applied for the award for family-friendly companies. This shows the growing awareness of this issue in Germany. Unfortunately, the uvex group has not reached the final round of the competition. One more reason to progress further in that field and to develop and implement measures in order to reach the podium also in that area.

March 2016 - uvex apprentices in South Africa

From the 02.03. to 18.03.2016 I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program, which takes place annually between the Ludwig-Erhard-Business School and the Ekurhuleni West Colleges (EWC) around Johannesburg. We visited five colleges of the EWC, where we presented our project work which we have already elaborated in Germany. Since we stayed in host families, we got to know the culture, the different way of life and were able to practice our English. After about 1,5 weeks of information about the education system and the history of South Africa, we travelled to the Kruger National Park - the highlight of the trip. There, we were looking for the "BIG V", which are buffalos, rhinos, elephants , lions and leopards. In summary, it was a great experience that I would not want to miss.

Report: Jan Gratzfeld


January 2016 - ISPO in Munich

From 24.01.2016 to 27.01.2016 the most important sports fair ISPO was held in Munich. As the uvex apprentices did not want to miss that occasion, they went to the popular event together. They started with a detailed guided tour around the fair and a short product training. Then the apprentices spread out to do some "trend research" at other companies’ stands, which gave them interesting insights outside the uvex product world. After 6 hours at the fair their legs were heavy and they set out on the journey home.
Our apprentices would like to take this opportunity to once again thank their colleagues at UVEX SPORTS for organizing and hosting that great day!


December 2015 - Christmas greetings

uvex would like to thank you our employees and business partners for the trust you have placed in us and the valuable cooperation. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a healthy and successful new year 2016.

Your Human Resource Management


November 2015 - Employees' children explore uvex on the Day of Repentance

On the Day of Repentance we at uvex had a very successful daycare project: 26 uvex children between 6 and 12 years old were supervised by our apprentices
at Fürth for that day. In the morning they built lanterns, later on they went on a paper chase to explore the uvex territory. Thereby the children collected stamps which they could exchange for sweet surprises afterwards. The day also included a visit to their parent’s workplace along with numerous skill games.


November 2015 - uvex Health Days

This year the uvex Health Days were held on 11 th and 12 th November. About 200 employees of our locations Fürth, Lederdorn, Passau and Sulzemoos attended various offerings on topics such as occupational safety, nutrition, exercise and relaxation. Madeleine Hager, employee at the uvex academy, was very excited and told in an interview: "I have been in business Yoga, which was great! I will try to integrate the short exercises into my break-time at work." Also human resources consultant Manuela Graf, who was in charge of the whole event, emphasized the positive feedback from the employees.
We thank our employees for their numerous participation and look forward to the next Health Days.


Offerings of the Health Days 2015

September 2015 - new apprentices starting at uvex

On the 1st of September 2015 we welcomed 13 new apprentices from uvex locations all over Germany. For this occasion uvex organised a colourful and eventful ceremony. After a welcoming from the head of human resources, work council and the head of apprentices, the new apprentices were able to get to know each other and their new working environment through different games, such as balloon memory, building paper bridges and a paper chase. A joined lunch in the uvexeria made sure that new friendships were found between the apprentices. At the end of the day, the apprentices were given a cup filled with goodies as a souvenir of their first day at work. 


06.08.2015 Take-Your-Child-To-Work-Day at uvex

During the this year’s school-vacation-childcare-program 28 children had the chance to visit uvex. According to the theme “little explorers and discovers” the kids learned how the human ear works and why it is so important to protect it. During the afternoon they were very creative by painting on helmets. The highlight of the day was the common luge-training  with the uvex-athlete Natalie Geisenberger at the ramp in fornt of the uvex-hall.


29. July 2015 - Award "Bayerns Best 50"

On 29 July 2015 the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology awarded 50 Bavarian companies with the “BAYERNS BEST 50”-award. The uvex group is honoured to be awarded.


June 2015 - uvex sports day

At our this year’s uvex sports day, our colleagues could take part in different kinds of sport like motorcycling, mountainbiking, horse riding, wakeboarding, kayaking, volleyball or hiking.
Colleagues from different sites of Germany came to that event and enjoyed their sports courses. 
After the sporting events in the afternoon, there was the chance for the colleagues to demonstrate his/her proficiency at the ski-jump simulator together with the uvex athletes Johannes Rydzek (Nordic combined) und Karl Geiger (ski-jump). In the evening there was a barbecue at the Hubert-Schwarz Center where we closed the eventful day together.


March 2015 - uvex apprentices in South Africa

In connection with a student exchange program of the Ludwig-Erhard-Vocational-School, the uvex apprentices Julia Scheuerpflug and Nadine Wein had a three-weeks-stay in South Africa. During the stay they got to know about the culture, the landscape and come together with the people.

“While staying there we had the chance to check out the various locations of the partner college and had a trip to the "Rhino and Lion Park", where we could see baby cubs. But the highlight was the 5-day stay in the Kruger National Park, where we had the great luck to see all the "Big 5". We will never forget the time and the impressions in South Africa."


February 2015 - "Youth Thinks Future"

The uvex group took part in the project work, organized by the chamber of commerce in Nuremberg, "Youth Thinks Future"

The subject of this year's project was "The field of tension: enterprises".

February 2015 - uvex apprentices organized an educational exhibition

On the 6th February 2015, our apprentices represented the uvex group at the Educational Exibition of the vocational school in Fuerth.

They learned how to organize a professional presentation and how to perform. Many pupils from Fuerth and its environs visited the event.


November 2014 – Kids at work on the day of repentance

On 19th of November uvex has organized a childcare for the children of their employees, because children don’t have school on the day of repentance. 40 uvex-children in all spent their day together at the headquarter in Fürth. They did handicrafts, played some games, painted some pictures and had a lot of fun together. The highlight of the day was the visit of their parents at their workplace.

May 2014 - Universities at uvex

On 19th and 20th of May, students of the International Business School of Nuremburg and students of the university of Pforzheim have visited uvex. 

Next to a company presentation there were presentations about the innovation processes and brand positioning. Then the students got a guided tour through the production of our safety glasses.

April 2014 - Donation to the Disability Council of Fuerth

uvex donates € 3,000.00 to the Disability Council of Fuerth to participate in the European day of protest for equality of people with disabilities. The campaign's motto is "Disabled - nevertheless mobil".

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