uvex subsidiary: uvex safety

International manufacturing expertise

uvex safety group

The uvex safety group is positioned as an innovative provider of brand systems with international manufacturing expertise. We develop, manufacture and distribute industrial safety products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, function and innovative technologies. With our comprehensive service concept, we are pursuing the goal of generating measurable added value for our customers around the world. In the process, the company also concentrates on target group-specific product solutions and systems to establish ourselves as the most innovative company in the sector.

The uvex safety group comprises seven areas of business and is consequently one of the few companies in the industrial health and safety sector to offer a complete head-to-toe range of products. We concentrate on target group-specific products and systems:

  • SBU Head (safety helmets, hearing protection, breathing protection)
  • SBU Eyewear (safety eyewear)
  • SBU Occupational Health (prescription safety spectacles, individual hearing protection)
  • SBU Gloves (safety gloves)
  • SBU Footwear (safety footwear)
  • SBU Workwear (work wear and protective clothing, corporate fashion)
  • SBU Laser protection (laser safety eyewear and curtains and windows).
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