Corporate values

Success can only be achieved by working together.

As is the case for a sporting team, companies need to have a strong sense of togetherness and a common direction to be successful long term – today and in the future.

To ensure that we all work as one, we are guided by our corporate values – responsible, entrepreneurial as well as challenging and supporting: these values convey our level of self-perception and guide behaviour in day-to-day working life, whether towards employees, customers or business partners.

We are challenging and supporting you !

We are challenging and supporting

Everyone takes responsibility – demanding tasks ensure development and growth is ongoing. All teams at uvex are supported through company-wide programmes and individual measures. Performance is regularly reviewed at all levels of the company.

We are entrepreneurial

Every single employee makes a contribution to success – entrepreneurial thinking and action are essential. The requirements of customers and the wellbeing of our company are a top priority. Opportunities and risks are carefully weighed up for any decisions.

We are entrepreneurial !
We are responsible !

We are responsible

People are at the heart of everything – protecting people is the mission and responsibility, both internally and externally. Our responsible action is oriented towards the benefit for customers, employees, brands and the success of the company.

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