uvex financial results

Global, value-oriented growth is our goal. An overview of uvex’s financial results shows that we have succeeded in fulfilling this aspiration in recent years.

(Internal revenues between the sub groups are eliminated in the total revenue of the uvex group.)

Consolidated companiesGJ 16/17GJ 15/16GJ 14/15GJ 13/14GJ 12/13GJ 11/12GJ 10/11GJ 09/10
uvex groupEUR m 426EUR m 399EUR m 389EUR m 367EUR m 344EUR m 332EUR m 332EUR m 306
Change in relation to previous year (%)7%3%6%7%4%0%8%5%
of which safety group309,7287,1276,4261,0248,0238,7218,7186,6
Change in relation to previous year (%)8%4%6%5%4%9%17%3%
of which uvex sports and leisure group122,1117,4119,3113,1103,1100,3119,9124,5
Change in relation to previous year (%)4%-2%5%10%3%-16%-4%6%
Share of sales by division      
safety group73%72%71%71%72%72%66%61%
uvex sports and leisure group27%28%29%29%28%28%34%39%
Share of sales domestic:international      
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